Ecology Concept



INTERPEN come the fore own character and especially ecological awareness. INTERPEN profiles have beside maximum lifetime,  %100 recycling feature, heat insulation and energy saving and they want to benefit from these advantages, return to green living with us and increasing your quality of life.

As INTERPEN featuring ecological future with the latest technology, we don’t use that production stage to people, recycling stage to nature big damaging lead based raw materials.
Instead of lead based raw materials, we use calcium – zinc raw. They are more successful and harmless for nature. 

As INTERPEN instead of lead, produced of calcium and zinc which is new mixture stabilizer the most important feature improve the quality on every stage.



■  Rigors of the weathers durability; Laboratory tests demonstrated, produced of calcium – zinc stabilizers profiles rigors of the weathers more durability than others. It maintains durability even hard tests.
■  More bright; the profiles of calcium – zinc stabilized seem brighter than others. As technical and optical protecting the brightness for a long time, these profiles’ quality can be detected at first sight.
■  Their recycling is easier; there is not lead in the future. Instead of lead using calcium – zinc stabilizers, facilitate very much recycling.