PİDOSAN PLASTIC AND TRADE INC. that is environmentally sensitive, satisfying the customer expectations, having the principle to deliver the goods in due time with fair standards in conform to national and international legal requirements; in order to improve the quality and productivity at every stage and continually improve ourselves;


• By applying in all its activities own quality objectives combined with quality defined by the customers,

• By spreading quality consciousness to own experinced personnel within the sector,

• By obtaining the undertake of more responsibility of the personnel and participation of them at every stage,

• By developing production infrastructure and product range following the new technologies and new products in the sector,

• Makes the principle of carrying on customer and employee loyalty within its all activities with leadership understanding.


PİDOSAN PLASTIC AND TRADE INC. intents to be the company that renovates itself continually together with its established quality policy based over this fundamentals.