Ürün Detay Sayfası

Peaceful Live

70 mm width single rail alternative frame and 50 mm wing profile

Three large chambers and surprising water discharge are applied.

Possibility to apply single glass (4-6 mm) and ısıcam (20 mm) with gray sealing laths in different thicknesses

Application with roller shutter and without shutter

Wood patterned lamination application

Qualified by national and international measurement organizations.

Azelha Sürme

Superior Insulation

SLIDING The PVC Window and Door System has a good performance thanks to its 3 chamber design and 70 mm case and 50 mm canopy. The heat transfer coefficient (Uf) of the system was determined to be 1,6 -1,7 W / m2K as a result of the tests conducted by IFT Rosenheim.


Acoustic Excellence

In today's noisy living spaces, acoustic insulation of places is of great importance. The STAINLESS DRIVE system incorporates two-stage bristle wicks that provide better acoustic insulation than hand-wicked wicks. In addition, the existing insulation properties of PVC and the 3-compartment structure of the Sliding PVC Window and Door System make it an excellent living space even for areas requiring maximum acoustic insulation for heavy traffic and very loud places.


Natural Ventilation

Even in well-insulated houses, special measures are necessary to ensure adequate ventilation. SURFACE PVC window and door system; It is also fully compatible with a natural ventilation system that reduces the risk of odor, allergy, CO2 intoxication, choking and mold formation.


Additional Security

SLIDING The PVC Window and Door System has been reinforced with galvanized steel that offers greater security against theft. In addition, the system is compatible with all types of security.


Respect for the Environment

SLIDING The window and doors of the PVC Window and Door System are characterized by a 100% recyclability and recyclability at the end of their long life, low maintenance requirements and service life, as well as creating a healthier environment with high insulation values.


Technical Properties