Ürün Detay Sayfası

Peaceful Live

73 mm of Profile width and 5 cells

Most vivid property of the product is its round sashes
Fast production is available owing to this system with 2 joints.
Black and grey joint options are available.
Classy design with round corners
Compliant with new technical specifications thanks to its 3, 4 and 5 cells-structure
With our parting beat alternatives, different glass sizes are available for production.
Proper drainage is provided owing to its angled and outward inclination.
Technical data: f=1 ,3 W/m2K
Sound insulation: 46 dB
Theft Safety: WK2

Salamander (73mm)

Aesthetic and Strong A comfortable living environment has many aspects. The most obvious of

these aspects is the design of a window sash profile. Along with a classy
design, the Brugmann is impressive with its functional properties, 5
cell-profile system, 73 mm of construction depth and it also offers optimum
thermal insulation for reasonably low heating costs. Combining perfect
sound insulation and excessive air resistance and theft safety, this system is
a big investment for the future.


Technical Properties