Ürün Detay Sayfası

Peaceful Live

82mm. Our range with profile width is 6 rooms.

Rapid production is possible with our 3 seals.

Quick and practical production thanks to self-sealing series

Black and gray gaskets are available.

It has stylish design thanks to the flat wing.

It is distinguished from other systems thanks to its special shaded clasp.

In the hinged lashing areas of the casement,

Leaving superior strength.

The possibility of water discharge thanks to the angled and outward slope.

Sound insulation: 47 dB

Technical data: Uf = 1,1 W / m2K

Robbery Safety: WK2

Salamander (82mm 3 Cont.)

It has a special design thanks to softline image and soft radii. Since the corners are smooth, the maintenance is easy after the joinery is installed. Thanks to the 6-chamber system, new technical specifications are suitable

Thanks to our lath alternatives we can manufacture according to various glass sizes. In the hinges of the hinges in the kas, double strength is provided by leaving double quotes. Easy water discharge thanks to angled and outward slope.


Technical Properties